Wednesday, February 11, 2015

.... and a great cook, great lover, great ....

People are always asking. "Say, Rodge ..
.... being honest and direct, with an occasional touch of bad taste
If you don't write your own epitaph, someone else will.  And it's likely to be some bastard who was jealous of your good looks, manliness and beautiful wife!

At the end of Battered Bastards of Baseball Bing Russell recited his own epitaph. I remembered that I liked it, but had to go back last night to get the thing right.

I would like that to be my epitaph as well.  Hey, "occasional" is nebulous enough for government work, right?


Kim du Toit said...

I would substitute "commendable" for "occasional" in your case, Rodge.

Ray Mota said...

And don't forget your "Testament."

Mine runs to almost 100 pages and is quite juicy.

It's better with gravy and fries tho.

Helly said...

The medium is the message. For some reason, all my right wing wacko BFs are yakking about end-of-life issues. Maybe it's the weather. But in any case Rodge, you haven't even made it to the median age on this island.

Cripes, get out for some sunshine. I'm going to CPR class this morning.

Ralph Gizzip said...

"Lewd, crude, and socially unacceptable. But that was part of his charm."

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