Monday, February 16, 2015


Band of Brothers
again for the first time

I stumbled across a real treat last week.  Band of Brothers.  I know, but when it ran as a miniseries in 2001 I missed a few episodes, and—well, it's my nature to not even watch a movie if I've missed the opening, so I would wait for re-runs.  But I didn't. 

I forgot all that history, so every time I've seen it streaming I thought, "seen that."  Until last Saturday, on Netflix. Horry clap, I didn't remember squat.  Just finished the final episode and I'm blown away.  This 11 Actors You May Have Forgotten Were in Band of Brothers is interesting, although Kieran O'Brien may be the most interesting, if not notorious, of the lot after his role as Matt in the previously reviewed  9 Songs. 

By the by, the only thing I remembered from watching 14 years ago was David Schwimmer as the noxious Lt. Sobel (who retired as Lieutenant Colonel). His character on Friends was my least favorite, and that bias carried over.  This time around I was able to enjoy it. The prick.



Anonymous said...

Probably the best war movie ever. I have the DVD series, and watch it the whole thing whenever the Mrs goes out of town for a day or two.

In 1969, I took my girlfriend to the Blue Room at the Sheraton in DC for her birthday. The maitre d' asked me if we'd mind sharing a table because the place was full. I said no. Turns out the original Band of Brothers was having their 25th year reunion of their D-Day jump there. Wish I had written down the names of the guys we shared a table with. They were in the prime of their lives - maybe mid forties to early fifties - and so much fun. The jokes and stories went on for hours. Makes me sad to think they're probably all gone now.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

HMS Defiant said...

I was out of the country. I think now that I will have to order this from Netflix.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Dick- What a treasured memory that!

Anonymous said...

The 75th Anniversary of the U.S. Army Airborne will be held in Orlando, Florida on 12 August 2015.

Airborne All the Way!

Leonard Jones said...

The only thing that keeps BOB from being perfect was
that the directors insisted on sexing it up with
"Cinema verite." I realize a .30 Cal Browning air
cooled machine gun is a powerful thing, but it will not
to my knowledge shake a multistory building up and down
when fired from a second floor window.

But the greatest thing about the series is that it
inspired me to read more than a dozen books on the men
in that outfit. Time well spent.

Anonymous said...

I always knew my Father had served in the Army , was stationed in Germany , boxed , and was proud of his "Screaming Eagles" . He often told a story of boxing in exhibitions to raise money for the refugees of WW2 . One evening in a German beer garden , he got in the ring with this large German who was just staring at him waiting for the bell to ring . The bell rang , and Dad danced to the center of the ring , and that's all he remembered . Lights Out ! Dad said being knocked out in the middle of a German beer garden was bad enough , but He said , "Son , the expression ,GETTING THE $#!+ KNOCKED OUT OF YOU REALLY HAPPENS !" The German had literally "KNOCKED THE $#!+" out of Pops ! Time to go wash the trunks ! Recently I found Dads old Army yearbook , and realized that Dad was a proud member of "Company E , 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment" God I miss that Man ! ; ) > SMIBSID

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