Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cat Butt Auditions




Anonymous said...

No roll over?

Chris in NC said...

Guessing "Free Candy Inside" on the side of the van stopped working??

toadold said...

About 20 years ago I heard a story from a guy who lived in the country, about his 3 year old and their Doberman Pincher.
The kid went behind the sleeping dog and pressed his "button." The dog yelped, then turned around a gave the kid a dirty look. Then it kind of sighed and started walking away. The kid followed the dog, finger out stretched. The dog slow walked over to the nearest neighbors house stopping every once in a while to make sure the kid was still following. The neighbor sometime baby sat the kid. When the kid and dog got to the house and the neighbor had the kid in hand, the dog ran back home, and went back to sleep...with his back to a corner.

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