Sunday, February 01, 2015

Killing McDonald's

                        — those miserable twats!


Dan Thompson is on his way out the door as CEO of fast food giant McDonald’s. This is not terribly surprising, since the Golden Arches have turned in some poor numbers compared to their competitors for a while now. There are a few reasons for this, some of which came as a surprise to me, as outlined by my friend Stephen Green (a.k.a. Vodkapundit). One big factor which doesn’t seem to make a lot of news is that the primary component of burgers is beef, and the cost has been on the rise.

The biggest example on that front is when they abandoned beef tallow in the fries to satisfy the demands of the vegans. Those fries used to be addictive! It was the highlight of a visit to their establishment. After the change they were just not the same.

..... But that particular surrender was only one element of a larger war that McDonald’s was losing, as Stephen explains.

The Left has been waging a cultural war against McDonald’s for decades now, and the results are telling. It won its fight against the chain in the early 1990, forcing McD to remove the beef tallow from the french fries, in order to avoid offending the tender sensibilities of vegetarians. The company’s troubles began in earnest with the emasculation of its world-class fries, but the trend has accelerated with the ascension of Michelle Obama to First Lady. She rails tirelessly against affordable and wholesome-but-bland food which parents can actually get their kids to eat, because buttinskies can’t be happy without buttinsking. McDonald’s has tried to comply by offering healthy apple wedges in place of french fries in children’ Happy Meals, but it’s obvious that the Left won’t be happy with anything short of the chain converting to McTofu & Gruel.

McDonald’s is feeling the squeeze on its core customers: undiscriminating children and hurried adults on a budget. Most everyone else abandoned McD for the likes of Five Guys or Panera, and the chain has so far shown no talent for winning them back.

It’s going to take much more than just a new CEO if McDonald’s is going to have a chance of victory on any of these three fronts — it’s going to take a reimagining of the company — or a return to serving its core customers, and serving up a super-size middle finger to the Left.

[Is the Left slowly killing off McDonald’s?]

Funny, I was gonna ask the same question as that kid.


DonM said...

It would be fitting if McD's could find a way to make nutritional cubes using ground up vegetarians with some vegetable matter thrown in for a green color and deep fried for a nice crunchy texture. They could legitimately be called Vegan Cubes.

Esteve said...

McDonald's is killing themselves. They are the ones who gave in to the food Nazis and ruined their fries. When I had my first McD burger in Tampa (circa 1960) with my family it was novel and the food was cheap and pretty good. Now for what one of their usually crappy meals cost I can get the senior fried flounder at a local seafood joint for about the same price and don't have to put up with their illiterate, unprofessional staff. My wife and I do buy their coffee at the drive-through when traveling, it's generally pretty good. But that's about all the business they get from me these days.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I worked at McD's whilst in high school - back in the 1970s. The focus was on quality, cleanliness and service. Those values were drummed into our heads all the time (and the corporation drummed that via their commercials). We don't visit McD's any longer because the food makes us sick. But mostly, because they hire illiterates who could care less about providing good food with excellent customer service!

DonM said...

My wife gets diahhrea if she eats at McD. We won't go there at all because of that and the fact that they contribute to the Brady Gun Control Foundation.

Tom Smith said...

They are a client of mine and I will say the culture there is very liberal. They may be getting eaten up figuratively by their own.

Anonymous said...

@ DonM

Are you SO young you don't know the film SOYLENT GREEN?!?

VERY dated 1970s stuff but, on the other hand...

(...wait for the ending)

Jess said...

People liked their fries, so they bowed to the idiots that don't eat them, and made them into a product nobody likes.

Even an idiot knows that's stupid. Expecting to make a profit from such stupidity is madness.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. How can the Left be against McDonald's? The darlings of the Left are inner-city Blacks, and that's who eats and works at McDonald's. Just look at their commercials and you'll see what customer base they appeal to and pander to.

Phil N. LeBlanc

Anonymous said...

These days a visit to the local Mickey D's is like taking a free trip to Mogadishu and Juarez all at once.

Pidgeon Spanglish, Dreadlocks and no hair nets isn't winning them any customers.

DonM said...

Well Anonymous.
I am 66 years of age and I know very well what Soylent Green was about.
Have you read the most recent book from Glenn Beck? Agenda 21? And the sequel? If not, you're way out of touch my friend.
Get a clue.

Helly said...

Is the Left slowly killing off McDonald’s?

Wut? From what I see, McD's has been institutionalized as a primary Democrat feeding station. Let's talk about more important things.

Why are trays of skinless chicken breasts and pork loins and pork shoulders selling for $1.98/pound, while beef is double and triple that? And I've got 40 pounds of turkey in the freezer at 59¢. I like beef, but it feels stupid to buy it. Could you sort out this agro-economic imbalance for us befuddled consumers?

((Could this be a nefarious scheme from a shadowy BBQ cartel?))

Chief Nose Wetter said...

McDonald's is failing because educated people know that it is generally crap. A cheap chemical shit storm for a $1. Probably reduces your sperm count too.

molonlabe28 said...

I agree with Chief Nose Wetter.

I grew up in an industrial town with smoke stacks prior to the advent of the EPA and pollution control and we chased jeeps spewing DDT (mosquito jeeps) for fun.

In the off chance that I don't already have enough toxins and carcinogens in my system to put me in an early grave, I won't go to McDonald's to finish the job.

We are beef cattle farmers, among other pursuits, and I like and eat beef, the hog, fish, and chicken.

And as a young man, I drank my share of malt liquor (from a quart or 40 oz., of course), MD 20-20, Ripple wine, and Southern Comfort, but not any more.

But I just don't want to knowingly put whatever is in a McDonald's meal in my system.

Anonymous said...

Helly -- Beef prices are going up because of a couple of heard-decimating droughts and the EPA/BLM/.govFED making it too danged difficult to re-grow herds or to raise beef at all.

[maybe if you could do it on an urban rooftop eco-garden...]

If you don't buy -at least a little- you make it worser.


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