Friday, February 06, 2015

Look! Buffalo!


When The Red Red Robin
Comes Bob Bob Bobbin Along

A friend who'd just moved to MD from New York in the 60's once exclaimed, as we drove past a herd of cows in the Maryland countryside, "Look! Buffalo!"  Tom Mann grew up in the Washington D.C. area.  He evidently saw his Buffalo, LOL.

The Robin's song still carries me back to my Chicago yoot, even to the point of sensing our neighborhood's  springtime smell and, for some god-only-knows reason, the Jewel Tea grocery store??

Every time the temp here plunges below 32º, as it has now,  we are plagued with Robins.  I say plagued because they dominate our heated watering hole and are the poopiest birds I've ever seen. The railing only looks clean here because I'd just doused it with a bucket of hot water to clean the black and white gobs of birdshit they deposit.  And they're not singing.


Pawpaw said...

You do know that robins are good to eat? Like doves, they are tasty little morsels. Breast them out an put them in soups or stews, or my favorite way, marinate in red wine, wrap in bacon, and grill. Yum.

Don't let the game warden catch you. They're protected in many places. Just sayin'

Tom Mann said...

Note the Air Force Memorial in the distance between the two pale, fat “robins.” Perhaps larding up on DC pork has robbed them off their color.

It used to be that pigeons were the bane of DC’s parks. But now the seagulls have run most of them off, at least near the rivers.

toadold said...

Written on the wall: "Staff visitors from corporate headquarters are like seagulls.
They fly in, scream at you, eat your food, shit on everything, then fly away."

Anonymous said...

They were down here in Florida 3 weeks ago and I figured they'd be migrating north. I have a back yard composed mostly of flowers, bushes and leaf mulch and it attracts dozens upon dozens of them. When I walk outside it's a small cloud of robins taking to the skies. They love the mulch as all sorts of insects are in opposed to my neighbors who have grass and slim pickin's.

Today there is another wave of dozens more so in a couple of weeks expect another onslaught.

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