Sunday, February 15, 2015

Muslim in the White House

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson, a few years back, noted Barack Obama’s socialistic agenda and wrote and sang a ditty called “There’s a Communist in the White House.”

Now she’s released a new song that’s similar, and it’s going to send the monitors of politically incorrect speech into a frenzy.

It’s called “There’s a Muslim living in the White House.”

It seems these days I’m in a haze, and I can’t concentrate on things
Can’t eat or sleep, feel incomplete, kind of scared and creepy
I look over my should lots and shudder when I watch TV
I bite my nails and cuticles and watch my words very carefully.
I bite my lip a lot and fidget with the buttons on my blouse.
Why? Because there’s a Muslim living in the White House.

Why aren’t people shocked or something? Why aren’t people up in arms?
Does anyone read history or see black and white flags or hear alarms?
The streets are filled with deaf and dumb as I squeak like a mouse.
There’s a Muslim living in the White House.

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Interspersed with Ayatollah Obama's own words, in case you've ever wondered why Victoria Jackson never appears in movies anymore. 

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