Tuesday, February 03, 2015

O'Malley Farewell

Tata White Obama



Esteve said...

I'm happy he is gone for the sake of my Maryland grand children. Topic change-After the video ended for some reason there was a Glen Campbell video in the YouTube selection window. Clicked on that and was amazed at the group he was playing with. Next window had Glen on banjo with Leon Russell as young Rock-a-billies doing some Hank Williams. YouTube is a national treasure (except for the fact that it is part of Google's plan for world domination).

Anonymous said...

"achieve a classless world"
Got that right. The Uhbamas are exemplars of no class.
Anyhow, if O'Malley is so friggin' great, why won't he or any other of the 'great' Progressives go lend their self-proclaimed skills to a socialist third world disaster for a few years?
O'Malley should go run for president of Zimbabwe. They need help.
Ha Ha. Fat chance, legalities aside. Funny how the Progs never put their money where their ideals are. Those lying locusts bring the plague everywhere they go.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

BlogDog said...

Esteve, you should check out the documentary "Muscle Shoals" on Netflix. Very interesting.

Thomas M. said...

Inspired. The GOP should hire the producers, but I guess that'd be too much to ask for.

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