Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Robber's Family Outraged

Holder's Mustache                           

Poor Adric White

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - The family of a suspected thief is lashing out after their son was shot during an armed robbery.
Relatives of Adric White, 18, believe the Good Samaritan who opened fire should have "just left the store."

Just happened upon this 2 month old story. I'm posting it in the Holder's Mustache file because it's representative of the mindset much of the Black community have formed since Obama/Holder took office.  It's a culture of whining entitlement based on the Administrations non-stop rabble rousing and race baiting.  Eric Holder's refusal to  condemn, let alone prosecute Black crime is worn like a bullet proof vest by the Adric Whites and relatives. Another Genie that will be very hard to put back into the bottle. [Story]


DonM said...

If the shooter had been white this story would be national news and Sharpton, Holder and Bonehead would be all over it.

Anonymous said...

All together now "Eee wuz a guddd keed, ee dina meana hurt nobody. -Big Momma

Ralph Gizzip said...

White didn't deserve to be shot. He deserved to be killed.

DougM said...

Should'a put his hands up,
not that it would'a done any good, mind you.

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