Sunday, March 22, 2015

An ignorant man name Brown says stupid stuff


and other goofy bastards                         

California Gov. Jerry Brown said in an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press" that Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz's position on climate change makes him "absolutely unfit to be running for office."

Responding to comments made by Cruz on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Democratic Governor Brown said of Cruz, "That man betokens such a level of ignorance and a direct falsification of the existing scientific data. It's shocking and I think that man has rendered himself absolutely unfit to be running for office."

Unhappily, as a result of the mediocre quality of science education, many people do not know how to evaluate either a scientific hypothesis in general, or AGW in particular -- and irrespective of whatever anyone might think, because of how it is framed and evaluated, AGW is no more than a hypothesis.
Let's be clear here, for the umpteenth time.   Gov Moon Beam is talking about AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming).  That is, he claims man causes global warming by using hair spray, fossil fuels, and blowing farts (I am not making that up), and that is scientific fact.

Bullshit.  His is science without Scientific Method.  It's pop science, and not true.  It is bunch of old communists trying to use the issue to gain absolute control of any economy.  This left-wing
movement is populated by some very dangerous ass-holes too (Google "kill climate change deniers");  so Jerry Brown is, at best, a smug but ignorant Liberal twat playing with fire.  At worst, he makes false and incendiary statements for political gain and ought be arrested.  That's also true of anyone you know who pushes AGW. Tell them.  Call them now, and tell them. Unless it's someone you're trying to seduce, then wait until that thrill is gone. 


Tom Smith said...

The arrogance of liberal fascism has no limits.

Anonymous said...

Government controlled education. Keep 'em stupid and compliant.

renojim said...

Everybody knows Jerry Brown is an idiot. That's how he came to be known as 'the dumbest man in politics'. Even the people that voted for him know it, and they'd vote for him again. After he's dead, they'd vote for him. Because they're idiots, too. And there's the problem. There's lots of people that are smart enough to know better, here in CA. But we're outnumbered by the talking monkeys.

JMcD said...

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