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An ice storm (and ultimately accurate) forecast caused the cancellation of a birthday party we were to attend, so we had a blank calender.  What to do?  Well, as it turned out we used the day to watch all 8 episodes of BROADCHURCH, season one. Didn't want to.  Had to. That will serve as my review.  Brilliant.

By the by, I was able to identify the killer, but only because I named everyone in the cast before it was over. 

Also, I've watched
ohsay 62000 movies based in Britain, but never seen the particular landscape (Westside Cliffs) where this takes place.  Stunning.


Anonymous said...


and the next series is on .... tomorrow on BBC-A



Rodger the Real King of France said...

The WaPost's
of 2 has me worried.

Chris in NC said...

What does WaPost know? It has Tennant in it. How bad can it be. He is like most of those BBC actors. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Blechly Girls yet? Great Brit mystery...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Belchy Girls- Yes.

Thomas M. said...

I’ve been watching several of these Irish and British television series on Netflix as a result of your recommendations. Among them are Inspector George Gently, The Fall, Happy Valley, Hinterlands, and Jack Taylor. I’m looking forward to Broadchurch which is already in my cue. They have been uniformly excellent in all respects.

It has been troubling that I’ve previously not known of these excellent presentations. My impressions, prior to your recommendations, was that British television was effete, incomprehensible, persnickety, or just plain stupid.

Yesterday I realized the source of my confusion. The only UK programming that I’ve been able to view, prior to Netflix, was that chosen for me by the same mindset that selects the rest of the twaddle that appears through American media.

A great deal of my enjoyment, I suspect, goes well beyond the quality of the writing, acting, location photography, and storytelling. There seems to be an absence, or at least a lack of focus, on social and political agendum. Without these agendum driving the production, I’ve been free to enjoy the programs for what I think programs ought to be, entertainment.

Thanks for posting and recommending

Tom Smith said...

All your suggestions so far has been spot on. I would also recommend "The Fall".

Anonymous said...

" I’m looking forward to Broadchurch which is already in my cue."

Iffen y'all are tryin' t'sound British, that would be "queue".

Ann Hedonia and Sam Paku

Squeak said...

I like that show, He was good as "The Doctor" too..

drew458 said...

Oh. Well then never mind my comment in the newer post on Brit shows.

yes, reviews for season 2 are dreadful. And so was the Americanized remake of season 1. An absolute clone with a dopey mini-twist at the end. Worse, they used Skyler from Breaking Bad. Bleeeech.

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