Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Donna Edwards, YIKES!

Beating Dead Horses Because They Aren't Really Dead
should be, but they ain't

Oh goody.  Donna Edwards is, thanks to Democrat gerrymandering, my congress critter.  Unless she's challenged by the Sarbanes (50 yr old) kid, I'd say she's automatic.  I say that because, statewide, nobody knows who the hell she is; so if Rep. John Sarbanes goes for it, he's a shoe-in   Why? This is how the Baltimore Sun announced John Sarbanes bid for congress:

Eventually, the family business would have an opening. When Paul Sarbanes announced last year that he would not be seeking a sixth term, Democratic Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin declared his candidacy for the seat. Sarbanes lives in Cardin's district.

Maryland voters still think Paul Sarbanes is who they're voting for.  And Family business, said with nary a blush,  says everything about elected Democrats today. Because,
like any good businessmen they want to see the business grow. You see the problem. They do not.  But I digress. 

Sen. Barbara 
Mikulski, like Sen. Paul Sarbanes had a formula.  Stay under the radar; don't do anything.  In Sarbane's case it was something of a joke, in my mind anyway, that every six-years the Sunpapers would remind Marylanders that he was running for another six years, and while he was not much in the public eye, he was seen by his colleagues in the Senate as behind-the-scenes cerebral.  For her part, Mikulski who to my knowledge never did anything but vote 100% Lib, was seen by her colleagues as a 4'11" martinet with an "in-your-face style" that made her office a hotbed of fear. When something wasn't done just right (i.e., a desk with a stool for her feet) she'd "flip out."  Also called a bitch. In 1985 I met a (female) school teacher from, I think, Catonsville who was Mikulski's lover.  I wasn't so much scandalized to discover that Mikulski was a lesbian as that anyone could possibly want to put their face into hers, let alone nether regions.  Ugh.

Anyway, if I thought Edward's leaving her House seat for the senate would help get us representation that was even close to AA County's general conservatism, I'd be okay.  But there's scant chance of that.  No, the only hope we have here in Maryland is for a meteor to fall on a car carrying, preferably, both senators so our Republican Gov. can appoint me (and a friend?) to the Senate. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Boss, at 4'11" woudn't Babs be munchin on someones ankles instead of being in someones face? Of coutse for some she'd be starring down someones crotch.

Juss sayin'


Anonymous said...

You got my total support Boss ! I'm down here in Chuck County AKA SMIBVILLE , but I'll pray for a meteorite ! ; ) > SMIBSID

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