Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gun Nutter Quotes

10 Dumb Anti Gun Quotes By Politicians

On December 7, 1993, Carolyn McCarthy's  husband, Dennis, was killed, and her son, Kevin, was severely injured on a Long Island Rail Road commuter train at the Merillon Avenue station in the village of Garden City, when 35-year-old Colin Ferguson opened fire on passengers.  Ferguson killed six and wounded 19 others (with no resistance)  McCarthy responded to the crime by launching a campaign for more stringent gun control that eventually propelled her to Congress in 1996 on the Democratic ticket. She defeated freshman Republican Dan Frisa by a large margin. In the biographical 1998 television movie The Long Island Incident, which portrayed these events, she was played by actress Laurie Metcalf.

Carolyn McCarthy's attack on the Second Amendment has never made sense to me, for reasons so obvious that I shan't list them (except to say that I'll bet money that her son Kevin wishes every day that he was carrying that day). Like Sarah Brady, I believe she's been well used by gunnutters and fellow travelers. 


Anonymous said...

She was a one issue candidate and rep her entire political career. Prior to the incident they were Republicans. Couldn't give a cohernt answer to any question on any given issue including this one.


Squeak said...

30 cal magazine clip!

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