Sunday, March 15, 2015


             Techno Chills
You Can't Handle Them

Get you hands off dat wheel barra James Lewis!  You knows you don't know nuttin 'bout machinery.


leelu said...

The little ice maker that could.

Anonymous said...

Ready for warm weather a little earlier than usual, eh?
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

rickn8or said...

Only thing to do is have a party.

Anonymous said...

And that's what happens if you don't put the trays back in.

BlogDog said...

"This is my impression of the winter!"
- The Icemaker

Kim du Toit said...

Mmmmm ice. Time for my midday screwdriver.

DougM said...

• First-world problem.
• Hockey-rink kit.
• Water-nazi ticket due in CA.

Anonymous said...



DougT said...

Yet another example of climate change run amok; or, the first signs of Skynet becoming self-aware. Note to self: Check with AlGore.

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