Monday, March 16, 2015

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Kim du Toit said...

Nope. You only need on pre-qualifier: "Tell the story behind your first tattoo."

Anything other than a "But I don't have any tattoos!" is grounds for immediate walkaway.

Anonymous said...

Never expected that from you Kim....anyone with a tattoo is beneath you huh?


Ralph Gizzip said...

Any girl WITH a tattoo is beneath me.

FishStyx said...

...and Ralphs comment pretty much explains Kims.

I agree with Kim.
To me, ANY tattoos are a sign of a "broken" individual that's tryin' to fill some void in their life.
Good luck to em' and no ill will, but lifes too short for drama.

Darrell said...

We have a beautiful young lady at work--slender blonde, blue eyes, an absolute doll. She's well along in the process of getting wall to wall tattoos, must have at least a dozen already. It makes me sad.

mostly cajun said...

I agree with Kim.

Sign of poor decision-making.


Anonymous said...

Tell them your grandpa also had a lot of tattoos.

Kim du Toit said...

I only ever gave one girl a pass on a tattoo. She'd had an op which left an ugly scar on her otherwise-flawless abdomen, and she'd got a small rose tattoo to conceal it.

If you think I'm bad: The Mrs. won't allow a waiter with visible tattoos to serve her food, especially of the "full-sleeve" type.

In Japan, there's a growing industry of tattoo removal, because employers are starting to disqualify tattooed applicants because, as said above, tattoos generally poor decision making and impulsive tendencies, as well as low self-esteem issues.

Anonymous said...

My dad always told me that, aside from a service-related tattoo, a tattoo would guarantee that I would never be mistaken for a person of class.

That's not the only reason I never got one. It's not a Yiddishkeit thing to do, especially in light of the fact that we have relatives who were tattooed against their will.

I can remember when only genuine tough guys had tattoos, and when the "barbed-wire" tattoo motif was for people who had been imprisoned one way or another (convicts or POWs). Now I see barbed-wire ink around the biceps of people (even women!) whom I doubt have ever spent a night in jail, and tats on guys who don't have the upper-body strength to open a mayonnaise jar.

I guess they think it makes them look tough, in the same way that folks buy pre-distressed clothing and think it makes them look as if they actually do hard physical work.

Caballero Andante

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