Tuesday, March 03, 2015

My Life So Far (1999)

Starring Mr. Darcy

We daily watch a movie, or series episode, daily whilst dining, so we go through a lot of film.  It's my job to find stuff that MoSup will like.  I'm well  practiced by now (MoSup will not watch movies where drugs and/or "fuck" language dominate).  Last night I found on Netflix a 1999 film "My Life So Far."  You haven't seen it. The film is set in 1927 and based on the memoirs of Denis Forman, a British television executive, and it's been around long enough for  Roger Ebert  to have given it four stars.  The odds are 94.2% that you'll like it. You're welcome.


Scott said...

Thank you so much. My wife has similar tastes as yours, we have gone through almost all of the British detective shows and comedy shows. I have gotten to the point of searching IMDB for other shows with our favorite actors and actresses. Of course Netflix has difficulty appeasing both me and the American public at the same time. At least we found "The IT Crowd" with Catherine Parkinson from Doc Martin, which introduced us to Chris O'Dowd and Richard Ayoade.

Anonymous said...

A series we just watched: Last Tango in Halifax might fit.


drew458 said...

Season 2 of BBC's Broadchurch premiers in USA tonight, 10pm.

Not sure how there can be a season 2, but the first season was uber fantastic.

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