Sunday, March 15, 2015

No Doubt About It

Today's Analysis

A good way to keep any organization on a solid growth path is to replace the bottom performing 10% of the work force yearly.  No organization needs to do this more than television networks with on-air sports announcers.  Here's a painless way to get started.  Fire any of them who say:

"You got that right ..."
"No doubt about it ..."
"I'm Keith Olbermann"

I know, that means an attrition rate of upwards of 80% the first year, but it has to be done. You know I'm right, no doubt about it..


Anonymous said...

How about "they came to play"....?

Cuzzin Rick

DougM said...

Interesting: 10% is decimation, literally.

OregonGuy said...

"You can't coach that."

rickn8or said...

Yes. Sports announcers definitely.

"He's broken his nose. I think it's the same nose he broke last year."

Anonymous said...

I wish the govt would clean house with a 10% reduction every year. drummermanrick

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