Monday, March 30, 2015


      I GET MAIL

From: Stu Tarlowe/ Skoonj

It's always nice to start the morning with an e-mail from you, even if the subject is what deep doo-doo our nation  continues to slide into.

American Thinker this morning has several pieces about the Obama regime's treasonous foreign policy (which now seems to be going into overdrive); just the titles are revealing:

And then there's Obama's treasonous domestic policy; consider this that one will blow your mind;

 It's set in the new "Republic of the Americas" in 2044!  Excerpt:

“Of course these changes were most forcefully brought to fruition by El Presidente Obama, who bravely, and in the face of great adversity, fought to eliminate the concept of citizenship and that most hated tool of oppression, the vote.  He bravely declared in 2014, after the Party lost control of the Senate, that he would represent those who did not vote, and unfairly kept from voting.  The Party constantly fought those who insisted on voter IDs and other tools of oppression,” Miguel added.


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