Friday, March 20, 2015

RACE BAITERS and other Progressives

Holder's Mustache                           



After two separate, wide-ranging, phenomenally expensive, months-long investigations, including one by Eric Holder's Justice Department, it turned out: Brown had attacked Officer Wilson, he did not have his hands up, he was charging the officer when he was shot, and Wilson acted in justifiable self-defense.

Instead of the "brutal assassination" of a black man, Holder's big indictment of white America is that cops in Ferguson give blacks too many traffic tickets.

Even that feeble proof of racism is clearly false. The only two serious studies of driving habits by race ever conducted -- one in New Jersey and one in North Carolina -- found that blacks are far more likely to speed than whites, and at much higher speeds.

Indeed, the entire country is snickering (unless you are addicted to MSNBC - me) at any report that treats as news the fact that blacks are arrested at higher rates than whites, whether in Ferguson, the Upper West Side of Manhattan or anyplace else. Blacks have a higher crime rate than whites, ergo, they have higher arrest rates. Ice skaters have more skating injuries than tennis players.  [...]

AHEM- Ms. Coulter, unfortunately, will not be found on MSNBC, nor The Daily Show, the two primary news sources for the nimrods who buy into this race-baiting. So it will continue.


Anonymous said...

When 13% of the Population commits 80% of the Crimes that speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

But it's not 13 percent. Most of the violent crime is committed by black males, so that takes us down to six percent. But it's not so much the kids or the elderly, but the blacks 13 to 40. Shouldn't that put us in about the 4 percent range now? Everyone else just refuses to snitch. -Anymouse

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