Friday, March 06, 2015

Rats and Their Ratling

Any more Questions?


Skoonj said...

No questions, Your Majesty.

Ned Stark said...

The Reach-Around Bros. have a quiet moment to themselves.

Billll said...

You want a 3rd party? You got it! We'll call it the Democratic-Republicans, catchy name no? It will be made up of about 1/3 RINO's and 1/2 Democrats and be led by John Bhoener. The remaining Democrats will re-invent them selves as the Social Democrat party led by Nancy Pelosi which will then be politically acceptable for Bernie Sanders to join. The remaining Republicans can either keep the Republican brand or come up with something new, say Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

Not quite a mountain. More like a hill. Capital hill. Brokeback Hill!

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