Saturday, March 14, 2015

Refereeing by the Marx Brothers

The B1G
Refereeing by the Marx Brothers

I want to get this indulgence out of the way while the Terps have a 8-game win streak, so as not to sound sour grapey.

For a conference as generally well run as is the B1G to have officiating as bad as what I've seen this year is disappointing.  ACC officiating, what I'm used to, while occasionally corrupt if you were playing Duke or UNC, was very good.  This, what I've seen this year,  smacks of gross
unbiasedincompetence.  Otherwise, the B1G is aces.  Except for thier BTN2Go App, which is just horrid. But no buyer remorse on everything else.  Thank You.


Chris in NC said...

It's not completely unbiased. If a team has a chance at say a #1 seed, they will get a lot of close calls. See: Michigan State and Izzo.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I saw what you mean Chris in NC

Ralph Gizzip said...

It's basketball. There's no such thing as good officiating.

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