Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Real King of France Responds

"You should add an icon to the top of this blog. Rodger's Recommendations or The Kings Gems or some such. I'm fixing to can cable in favor of the net only."
Tim # posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 3/21/15, 3:37 PM
    Labels: Cinema ala Carte

The "labels" device that appears below every post, when clicked, will load a bunch of previous posts with that same label.  In this instance (Cinema ala Carte) will bring u some past reviews, although I sometimes I use the tag it Cinema.  If a post is labeled, say "Liberal MFCS," you'll get a a bunch of them. LABEL work the same way on any blog. You can also type any search term on the    The Web  C&S  search bar just below the blog header. 

You're welcome.

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