Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When Generations Collide

This could be a whole new meme


Anonymous said...

I have a lighted work magnifying glass by the computer. And in my workshop.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

me too. why it resonated

Ole Phat Stu said...

I only need mine for the pron sites ;-)

Merrily said...

Stealing for Facebook. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

should've stopped doing it before he started going blind. If he keeps it up, he'll grow hair on his palms.

Anonymous said...

I ditched my conventional monitor and bought a low-cost, 1080p, 32 inch TV set. Works fine but the text is not as crisp.

Fortunately (or maybe not) I'm so nearsighted that I can read an iPhone's screen when I take my glasses off.

JLW III in Crabtown

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