Friday, April 03, 2015

Afterlife-Girl/Hollow Tree

I came out of the shower and MoSup (who watches the Today Show for some God only knows reason) says "watch this."  She queues it up to the little girl's story.  Never saw a standing hollowed out tree like that before.


rickn8or said...

MoSup watches it so you won't have to.

Sort of like one of your squad-mates throwing themselves on a grenade for you.

Anonymous said...

Or, in the VP navy, being a good wingman and taking the fat one.

Anonymous said...

“It is appointed to man once to die but after this the judgement” Heb 9:27

I do not doubt the sincerity of these two ladies or others that have had this experience thinking that they had died and came back but they could not have been totally dead even if they ceased breathing and their hearts stopped.

But some day, God will resurrect all the people who ever lived and died on earth, good or bad, great or average. At that time it will feel to each one of us like waking up from a sleep and whether is actually a short time or 10,000 years, we will not be aware of time passing because we were totally dead. The scripture quoted above will be then be finally fulfilled. Joe R

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