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The Obamissariat 
This is the first of two articles on an interview with President Obama’s half-brother Abongo “Roy” Malik Obama conducted via Skype with film director Joel Gilbert. The first article focuses on Malik Obama’s charge that Barack Obama exploited the family in Kenya for political purposes and now has abandoned them. The second article examines the family foundation Malik helped established in Barack Obama’s name and allegations Malik managed funds for the Muslim Brotherhood.

“He says one thing and he does another,” said Malik Obama, speaking from his home in Kisumu, Kenya, via Skype with filmmaker Joel Gilbert.

“He’s not been an honest man, as far as I’m concerned, in who he is and what he says and how he treats people,” Malik said of his half-brother, noting their relationship was once “very close.”

Gilbert, producer of the documentary “Dreams From My Real Father,” which presents a theory that Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis, who was a member of the Communist Party, was the president’s biological father, asked how that made him feel, as the oldest brother in the family.

Malik explained the original title of the book was “Where My Father Lies Buried,” a title later changed to “Claims of Inheritance” before it was published as “Dreams.”

Malik said Barack sent him a copy of the pre-publication manuscript that included Barack’s handwritten edits, because “he felt like as a representative of his dad, his only elder brother, I should go through the book just to make sure that everything was OK.”

“It was a tedious process, and so I just did the best I could,” Malik said.


Malik said the problems with his relationship with his half-brother began when Malik attended the first presidential inauguration, Jan. 20, 2009.

Gilbert asked him if he felt treated with honor.

“No,” Malik answered. “I didn’t feel like we were actually welcome and treated well. I didn’t feel that we were really a part of his program.

Gilbert commented that the way the family was treated sounded “very awkward.”

“Yeah, not even then, even up til now, it’s like that,” Malik answered. “If I need to see him, then I have to really make an effort and when I go, I do go, then I go in through the back door or at night. This last visit when I went my aunt died in Boston, I really was crushed and broken.”

In “Dreams from My Father,” Barack Obama explained that he first learned his father in Kenya had died when he was attending Columbia University in New York City and his Aunt Zeituni called him from Kenya with the news.

Gilbert asked Malik if he had asked President Obama for some funds to help bury Zeituni in Kenya.

“Yes I did,” Malik responded. “I told him that she’s our aunt, she’s your father’s sister, she loved you very much, and we need to do something for her. We need around $20,000, and he said that was too much and that it seemed like she deserves what she got.

DNA test?

In the Skype interview, Malik Obama acknowledged he had watched a DVD copy of Gilbert’s documentary, “Dreams From My Real Father,” which the filmmaker sent to him.

In the film, Gilbert posits his theory that the “Frank” mentioned 22 times in “Dreams from My Father,” now known to be Communist Party agitator Frank Marshall Davis, is Barack Obama Jr.’s biological father.

Gilbert says the emphasis of his film is Davis’ influence on the young Obama as a mentor, but he maintains there is strong evidence to support his theory that Davis was the real father.

Gilbert’s circumstantial evidence for a Davis paternity – including intimate magazine photos he believes Davis took of Ann Dunham and mention of Davis’ reference in a novel to a sexual relationship with a teen – has been challenged, but Gilbert contends the theory still is plausible.

He argues further that “the body of my entire film is about many pieces of evidence.”

Regarding the nude photos, he disputes the contention that the model in the photos was published before Ann Dunham came to Hawaii. Davis’ photos appeared in many titles of vintage men’s magazines throughout the 1960s, he said, and publication dates listed in a 1998 retrospective collection are inconsistent with original magazine dates. He argues further that Ann Dunham’s front teeth and recessed teeth are a match to the magazine model.

Regarding the reference to an “Anne” in Davis’ novel, “Sex Rebel,” hand-written letters have surfaced in which Davis confirms the book was autobiographical “non-fiction.”

In the interview, Gilbert asked Malik if he believed Barack Obama Jr. had a resemblance to Davis.

“There’s a great resemblance,” Malik agreed. “I think Frank Marshall Davis and Barack do look alike.”

Malik referenced the facial moles and pigmentation spots that appear to indicate a genetic link between the two men.

Gilbert then asked Malik if he thought Obama Jr. resembled Obama Sr.

“Not really, I don’t,” Malik replied. “Your movie definitely puts a lot of questions in my mind.”

Gilbert asked Malik if he would “like to see or do a DNA test one day to know for sure.”

“That would really prove whether we are related or not,” Malik responded. “Yes. I would be willing to do that. I don’t know how I’d deal with it, if it really came out that he is a fraud or a con.”

“It might be the reason why he made such a big deal about you politically, but personally he doesn’t feel the bond,” Gilbert suggested.

“I’m agreeing,” Malik said. “Yeah, I agree with that, because it’s hard to understand how somebody can make such an about turn and make a big play about where he comes from and then once he gets what he gets, wants nothing to do with that place anymore.

“We need an explanation, and if you can provide the explanation, it would be better for all of us so we won’t be hanging, hoping for nothing,” Malik continued.

“That’s what I really feel for my people … because they keep hoping. Maybe they’re hoping for nothing,” he said. “Because he doesn’t mention it [his African family roots] anymore, where he comes from or who his relatives are. He doesn’t say any of those things anymore.

“It’s really disappointing, Joel, but that’s life. We live with it and move on, and we wait for the truth to come out.”

Gilbert asked Malik what he would like to see happen next in his relationship with President Obama.

“I’d like to see him be for real, not be so deceptive,” Malik answered.

“He should live up to his word and be the leader that we expected him to be,” he said. “If he truly is my father’s son, then he needs to behave in a way that if my father was back, was alive, he would be proud of him, because although my dad went through what he went through, he would never abandon his family.”


Csimon: It is my firm belief that Frank is his biological father — Frank Marshall Davis, Black Communist ( card-carrying ) out of Chicago. Stanley sent Barry to be raised as a teen by his FATHER. Hence, the endless hours of ‘Frank’ discussing politics with what would otherwise be just a neighborhood kid.
It appears I've focused on Frank Marshall Davis at least 8 times before, so this makes 9.  To what purpose?  Continuity I guess.  I've for a long time felt it more likely than not, that Obama's father was Davis or Malcolm X, with Davis making more sense.  To give Obama his due, he, like you and me,  take as gospel what our parents tell us about our birth.  Of course at some point we'll probably have to produce an actual birth certificate, and what happens if  it doesn't square with what we were told?  

There is unquestionably a problem with Obama's papers.  We know this for certain because he's issued several different certificates, all reliably shown to be bogus; so why? One answer might be that if a young man is being groomed for a high stakes political presence, the revelation that one's father was an avowed and active communist might create something of a roadblock.  Whatever the answer, we know that Barry whatever-his-name is an avowed communist intent on destroying the United States. Joe Stalin might just as well be living on Pennsylvaia Ave.


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This picture appeared in Exotique #23, on page 22. In 1958. When Ann Dunham was only 15 years old. Two years before Ann Dunham even moved to Hawaii.

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