Tuesday, April 28, 2015

But check with your lawyer first

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest


Baltimore's Little Italy (Balamur's Lil-itly) comes to mind here (obviously).  As related by a resident, during the free-for-all rioting that followed MLK's assassination in 1968; when downtown business's in cities across America were being burned, residents of Baltimore's Little Italy section did something that's stayed with me. 

The residents, as if acting with a single mind, showed up on the streets bordering their enclave, armed to the teeth with assorted instruments.  If that was not message enough, Black gangs approaching were told in no uncertain terms that to cross the street would end with them being kilt dead.  While the nearby Jewish section known as Corned Beef Row, on Lombard Street west of Central Avenue, was ravaged, and never recovered, no Italian restaurant was burned, and nobody had been hurt.  Interestingly,  Nancy D'Alessandro's family would almost certainly have participated.  It's what came to mind. Made me proud.
Balmur's LiliIly

What we think of men today is far different from what men used to be, and what men were meant to be. Men were once warriors and farmers. They were leaders and kings. They were strong, smart, and dangerous. They conquered and they defended. There was a time when the TV remote wasn’t yet invented and the sword was handled in its stead. A time when a man’s ambition determined how high he would rise, how many men he would lead, and how many lands he would conquer.

Conquer. 8 Lessons in Manhood

Them's my thoughts.  My DNA says my forebearers were Nordic stock who invaded Britain.  Whatever it is, I still have a semblance of Alpha male left.  Enough that watching what's happened to my country in the past 20 years (especially) leaves me unsettled and itchy.  Cannot help it. Now, more pointedly, when I see Al Sharpton's imported Helter Skelters looting stores in Baltimore, and attacking cops (many of whom were sent in unarmed by the city's mayor), I just cannot come to grips with why the police, and store owners, are not on the roofs shooting the sumbitches dead?  Like Little Italy residents did in 1968. I would. And it would be lawful as long as I was protecting my business, or family from an imminent threat.


Anonymous said...

Well, Lyndon Johnson's "great Society" is upon us...subdivided and angry, amidst prosperity, even among our nation's "poor" While all the Politicians offer their brand of a solution... RAK

Anonymous said...

Why is it "different" today? SIMPLE:
Look to Maryland's gun laws.

pdwalker said...

I think Kim answered your question years ago in his epic essay, "The Pussification of the American Male"

Wabano said...

Dont fuck with the Guidos and goombas...
As Vic Cotroni of the Montreal's N'Drangheta was saying:
"I pop one Hell's Angel a week just to keep my trigger finger in shape..."

molonlabe28 said...

Glad to know you're not in Baltimore these days, Rodge.

I would hate to see you have to go medieval on these clowns.

A little light birdshot would probably go a long way with them.

If not, 308 certainly would do the job.

Anonymous said...

We are done. Create a class of street Warriors hardened by Street life and crime with nothing to lose and put them up against the average white city or suburb Dweller drinking lates and eating brie and you have a massacre. . Put them up against the average gun owning man who has everything to lose. The gun owner will win the battle but lose the war when the government steps in and takes the guns and all his assets. The real enemy is the government who has taken sides with the savages.

rickn8or said...

pdwalker, GMTA!

First thing I thought of when I read Rodger's post.

Anonymous said...

P.S. But what you said about gun owners winning the battle but losing the war, and how the gov't has sided with the savages, is abso-fucking-lutely true!

Caballero Andante

Anonymous said...

[This is what I wrote before the "P.S.", but my post disappeared.]

"…A class of street WARRIORS…"? Gimme a break! These guys are punks and pukes and cowards. Time was when black street kids spent as much time boxing or fistfighting as playing hoops, and they could take pretty good care of themselves barehanded. Today's "youths" are poseurs who settle everything with a gun, held sideways no less! Without a gun or their "homies" behind them their true nature is revealed: they are pusillanimous poltroons. Why do you suppose the drive-by shooting is so typical of how beefs are settled in "the hood"? They avoid a fair fight at all costs, and one reason is that they need one hand to hold their fucking pants up.
Caballero Andante

Chuck Martel said...

Move South where everyone has a pistol in their pocket or purse.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Chuck Martel- Damn I have missed you.

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