Saturday, April 25, 2015

Clarkson's Back?

                    Boys Will Be Boys

Jeremy Clarkson to 'start again' with new car show

We don't know where or when, but Jeremy Clarkson will return to television with a new car show.  

The news comes by way of his Sunday column in The Times, and helpfully summarized by Britain's The Week. Whether he'll enlist Richard Hammond and James May to join him on the venture is one of the many unknowns about the project, but given that neither is under contract to the BBC, the idea of "the lads" sharing a stage again is hardly inconceivable.    (Via DougM)

Again, I think Top Gear had pretty much run its course, although I'm a huge fan of Jezzer, Hammond and May. I think if they scrapped the by now stale celebrity/medium priced car race around the track bit; and the by now stale Stig (especially the "Some say he's ... ) bit, it could be a hit anew. Stig could be replaced with German driver Sabine Schmitz doing  punishment spankings, or being  spanked herself.  While she's nude.  You can do that on Brit telly. My favorite parts were the round table where the lads discussed the news and criticized the nanny state for mucking things up.  The "race" segments are mostly by now predictable and boring.  On the other hand some, like the race to the North Pole, Source of the Nile, Vietnam and USA, etc. segments are classic, so there's that.  I would watch. What are your format ideas?


Kim du Toit said...

Fast supercars on a track, long journeys through exotic locations in either classic or modern cars, commentary on new car introductions, and lots of slagging off foreigners -- in other words, exactly the same format.
In other words, everything except the star in a cheap-ass car thing.
Never mind Sabine Schmitz. She's fun, but she's a furriner. Jodie Kidd would be the best replacement for the Stig, because she's bonkers.

Yeah, I'm conservative. Next up in the news: Custer having problems with Indians in Wyoming.

Regnad Kcin said...

Here's a few ideas for the gang of three : 1) Trabant Pro Stock drag racing. 2) Feral posleen(John Ringo)herding with Hitachi forklifts. 3) Snow plow rallying in Finland. 4) Death Race 2015 with Massey-Ferguson gleaners. 5) CannonBall Sea-To-Sea roadrace with slowest time wins- James May a sure thing. 6) Supercharged, nitro burning London buses hot-lapping Buckingham Palace. Your mileage may vary....

JLW III said...

Actually "Top Gear" never really turned me on. Clarkson always seemed to be somewhat of an a$$.

Having been a wannabe hot rodder for a long time, I enjoy the Hot Rod Magazine Roadkill shows. Each one is a buddy movie about two guys with cars who just won't grow up. In one episode they towed a engineless jet-boat up to a lake in CA for a weekend, pulled the engine out of the tow truck and put it in the boat. At the end of the weekend they put the engine back in the truck and drove home to LA.

OBTW I'm looking for an LS engine to replace the stovebolt six in my late mother's 1977 GMC Jimmy.


Anonymous said...

The comment about forklifts reminded me about a warehouse I had occasions to visit. Two women with mutual hatred had to be separated onto different shifts because they turned their work into a jousting match. They were both sweethearts, if you found them alone.

Darrell said...

Tanner Foust, rally driver and cohost of the American version of Top Gear, appeared on one of the last episodes of the show. I would not be surprised if he appeared in either a new version of Top Gear (sans Clarkson & co.), or perhaps as a Stig replacement with the guys. Foust was the only good part of the American show.

Anonymous said...

There should be drinking involved.


Anonymous said...

Clarkson did a fantastic documentary on the Victoria Cross, its history, making it, what it takes to win it, and stories of those who've won it. It centers on one man's tale but tells far more. This is that one and the follow-up about a raid for which 5 VCs were awarded. Two hours together. I had trouble pausing it to take a pee. I highly recommend it.

Annoyed White Male

Anonymous said...

OK, except that one doesn't "win" the Victoria Cross, any more than one "wins" the Congressional Medal of Honor or a CIB or a Purple Heart. It's not a fucking contest or a race or a lottery.

Caballero Andante

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