Friday, April 17, 2015

Displeased Baby


(Aside-She looks like Kathy Shinners)


Anonymous said...

Implants. Dryer than a popcorn fart.

pdwalker said...

Less talking, more boobs.

Anonymous said...

Got milk?

DougM said...

• Geeze, am I gonna have nose hair like that?
• Swell, I'm white. Now it'll be nuthin' but privilege, privilege, privilege.
• Dang! Two mommies.
• I saaaid, "It's frikkin' freezin' in here! Get me a shirt, woman!"
• Can't understand a word. Speak English fercryinoutloud!
• Aww, mannn … eighteen more years of listenin' to her whiney voice.
• Kripes, that laugh. Better be a good trust fund.
• 3am. Yeah, I'll set my internal clock to wake at 3am.
• Don't know who the daddy is, huh?

Anonymous said...

Make me a sammich, woman!

Rip Tide said...

Tits, Hell ! I'm an ass man !

K-nine said...

Thought bubble:
"Not bad, but she's a lot older than her picture on made her look"

rickn8or said...

"DAMMIT! She just said I'm gonna be a bottle baby!"

Merrily said...

Just a B cup?

pdwalker said...

Ha! Good luck picking a winner there Uncle Rodger! There are several good ones to choose from.

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