Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ennui vs. overload


My meager posting of late has little to do with the ennui that once caused me to, every few years,  publicly announce that I quit blogging, only then to return.  Now I'm plagued with so many things I want to say that I don't know where to start, so instead I watch movies, go read stuff, or indulge in whatever else seems easy at the time.  Just thinking out loud here boss.  As one is wont to do while drinking ale at 10:00 in the morning.


Anonymous said...

*passes Scotch and Prozak*

Teh Stupid is strong out there - and likely to get stronger before it gets better...

The only revenge *I*'ve found is to find a way to enJOY Life and accomplish a few things you find worthy.

I like to think [not that my liking it makes it valid -- or even reasonable] that people are not gonna be willing to give up the comfort, convenience and luxury [Historically speaking] of the indoor-plumbing / fresh food / useful medicine / new gadgets economy/lifestyle to which we have become accustomed. [which kidz theze daze think is natural !!!]

That'll be what people will fight for...

I think...

; >


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Okay e~C, you are my official poet laureate and hot chick!

DougM said...

It'll pass, Rodge. Not the frustration, the discouragement. It's cyclical (ask me how I know).
A blog is a dang good pressure valve, but it's also good mental recreation for you as well as your readers. We all need to know that there are "others" out there.
Personally, I see blogging and commenting as my post-surfing cool-down and shower. It's like playing in other-kids' sandboxes, building and kicking-over a few castles, then going home to milk'n cookies.
Of course, I'm really really easily entertained.

bocopro said...

Many years ago, just before I retired (for the second time), my main circ pump went off line for a while, and then my port shoulder froze up (completely unrelated to the MI).

During rehab, I kinda sorta got hooked on blogsurfing. Found myself spending 5 or 6 hours a day sitting in that old chair from which a thousand snarks were launched.

Recognized the obsession and cut back drastically to no more than 5 sites per day. From time to time, one might drop out and be replaced by something more vibrant I've stumbled across in a comment link.

Yours and Denny's have never left the list, tho, because our attitudes and opinions about things-that-count dovetail nicely.

Although I rarely drop trailmarkers here or at GOC, I still stop by at least a couple times a day. So, thanx for not succumbing to the ennui.

And I appreciate the compliment you and Denny bestow when you post an article or jpg I've included to you or he posts one of my rants from my daily e-mail broadcasts.

GMTA, mon frere, and EXCELSIOR!

Anonymous said...

You must always be vigilant when riding the NYC Subway system, most DILDO's on there come unboxed and unwrapped.


Anonymous said...


*flounces off proudly*

; >


Anonymous said...

Damned slacker! I've half a mind to put you on report. In the words of Freddy Rumson:


Stu Tarlowe said...

Could one claim that box at the NYCTA Lost and Found? Y'know, the place where if you can't find your lost item, they say, "At least take an umbrella!"

Rodger the Real King of France said...

"Flounces a half proudly"

that's what I'm talking about

Anonymous said...

Tell it to the chaplain.

FishStyx said...

All of the above is why I keep comin' back to this pond for the last 11+ years.
Rodger- You may only be The Real King of France™, but I consider you true Royalty!
To All You Regulars and Lurkers- Rodger may be the meat of this sandwich, but the rest of you are all top-shelf condiments in my book!!

With each other to lean on and rant to, lets see if we can't all muddle through this mess for another decade or so!

Anonymous said...

bocopro wrote:
"GMTA, mon frere, and EXCELSIOR!"
As in "Excelsior, you fathead!"?

Wanda Hickey

Anonymous said...

you cant drink all day if you don't start when you first get up.


pdwalker said...

I come for the witty posts and nuggets of wisdom dispensed by his Royal Majesty.

I stay for the commenters.

Cheesy said...

I thought all the extra large dildos were at city hall...

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