Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fasta Pasta Review

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Fasta Pasta

Last week I watched an America's Food Kitchen review of microwave pasta cookers.  The winner (and least expensive)  was the Fasta Pasta. Adam Ried (the show's equipment tester) commented, " ... it really works ... 12 minute pasta that's perfect."  So ordered one from Amazon for around $15.  Just used it.  Thumbs up baby.  We eat a lot of pasta and it takes 20 minutes just to get water to boil on the stove, so clap clap.  You're welcome.

 PS- this video I found was posted in 2008, so it's not a new product. 


BlogDog said...

America's Test Kitchen, nez pah?

JLW III said...

We've used one of these gadgets on our boat for years. All you have to do is heat water although we do have a Force 10 three-burner stove with oven.


Cheesy said...

A short time later they were all box-jacked by a gang of cats.

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