Monday, April 20, 2015



This is a share that's run amok.  I started to say only that Lee Kum Kim Spiracha Mayo has become my go-to condiment of choice for damn near everything.  Tacos, eggs, sammiches; anything where a little (or lot of) tang is indicated by ones palate.  The label says refrigerate after opening for quality, and I guess you should, but I never have. You're welcome. Clean and simple, right?  But then I noticed the "Gluten Free" sticker for the first time, and my rubber broke. Sploosh!

When was it that half of us, seemingly,  discovered that we're being attacked by gluten?  I'm not flat naysaying, just saying.  I can believe that Monsanto, and others, have likely wreaked havoc on our digestive systems over the years, but come on.  Why in the hell would mayonnaise (eggs and oil), or sriracha ( chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt) contain wheat gluten in the first place?  Sheesh. 



K-nine said...

Eating out at our favorite mafia place (real red sauce Italian) and our waiter gave us a free piece of tiramisu...
The lady who ordered it sent it back because it turned out not to be gluten free. Idiot.
Swear to God.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

The wife explained why mfgrs feel compelled to put "Gluten Free" labels on everything. The herd mentailty is that unless it says GF, it must not be. Which explains Obama; he's said many many times that he has a birth certificate, and is not a liar. That's all it takes. A label.

Anonymous said...

First off, it's sriracha, not "spiracha". But you knew that.

And, leaving aside for a moment the idea that Monsanto has wrought havoc on our digestive systems, you need to understand that anything containing vinegar will never pass muster (Hyuk, hyuk!) for the anti-gluten purist; no matter how much the distillation process breaks down the gluten proteins, it will never be glatt gluten-free.

So, those who legitimately suffer from Celiac disease (and claim that they react to the teeny-tiniest bit of gluten) should avoid anything with vinegar, and that includes a wide range of condiments and dressings including both sriracha and mayo.

As for those who insist on "gluten-free" because it's just so in your face Hipper-than-Thou (especially if they can't afford a Prius), Enough Already!

Caballero Andante

P.S. I like to mix wasabi powder with mayo (or Miracle Whip-type salad dressing) for dressing sandwiches.

K-nine said...

I just had a follow up thought...
What the Hell do you eat in an Italian (red sauce and pasta type) that IS gluten free?

Anonymous said...

I saw "GlutenFree" *and* "Cholesterol Free" WATER t'other day...



Anonymous said...

Barilla Gluten Free Pasta

Available everywhere.

Never tried the foul stuff myself.


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