Friday, April 17, 2015

ISIS and the FBI


cinema à la carte                                 

Maybe, ohsay, 8 of you, who've watched both Archer and Blacklist, will appreciate this .

Yesterday I watched the last episode of Justified and was absolutely satisfied with the wrap-up.  It was brilliant.  Last night me and MoSup watched the last three Blacklist season two episodes.  A season which, unlike season 1, where every episode left us hanging by the balls, was ...well,  mundane and often silly.  Like Agent Ressler doing a Brent Buckle imitation by (seemingly) getting shot in every episode and being saved by Lizzy.    Wait!

Horry clap And this is streaming livewhile I was just now looking up pictures of Agent Ressler getting shot I stopped by NBC to see whether Season 3 was in the works.  There had to be a season three because we watched all of Season 2 on Amazon and were left hanging after episode 18.  What I found however was there are two more episodes that will air later this month; so Amazon can't show them until then. MoSup will be very happy because she liked season 2 more than I did.  (I've started watcing Masters of Sex, and after two episodes I think I'm hooked. Reminds me of Mad Men.)

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DougM said...

Yeah, I'm gonna miss "Justified."
At least "Hell on Wheels" is comin' back this Summer. There are some interesting character parallels.

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