Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Microwave Brownies



We're loathe to make brownies because, you know.  So this is something I've been doing for several years to satisfy the chocolate cake urge without heating the oven and making a big pan full that we (I) eat in 24 hours.  In this instance I quartered the recipe on the box.  So,  about ¼ of the mix went into a bowl; then a splash of coffee, a pat of butter and one egg.  Oh, and a few walnuts.   Stir well and fill baking dishes, or one big dish. Microwave (I use the "Oatmeal" setting.)  Or just guesstimate; it's almost impossible to make something you won't eat.  The entire process takes 5 minutes Chocolate brownie urge satisfied.  You're welcome.

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Darrell said...

Do a search for "five minute chocolate cake recipe". You don't need a cake or brownie mix.

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