Tuesday, April 14, 2015


New York Selfies

Was in NY this past week and these selfie sticks were everywhere even to the point of the table next to me at dinner launching one over my head to take their own picture. Drugs stores had large displays of the dumb things. People walking through Central Park shooting their own video of them walking. Hillary might win -

Tommy Lee "Burp Gun" Smith

There are two reason why we know these are all tourists.  Can you name them?  Answers in invisible ink below (Right click drag)

None of the women are wearing black
New York women would think outdoor selfies are gauche


Anonymous said...

#1 is a very astute observation!

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Tom Smith said...

Yeah she was probably not a local. Might have been from Jersey. I did see a good number in the local watering holes off the beaten path. Its a Facebook world and the dum dum's appear to be reproducing.

DougT said...

Also, they don't have Anthony Weiner and his own "selfie stick" in them.

JMcD said...

The Anthony Weiner song on Imus In The Morning.

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