Monday, April 27, 2015

When I Cared


Anonymous said...

So, Rodger, need some spare mags for the 1911?
Just in case the Xenophobes from Baltimore heads your way...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

The locals are not part of this .. or weren't. The whole thing was started by imported Sharpton Brigades. Baltimore is entirely a Democrat city and are reaping what they've sown. In my dreams I'm a sniper on top of the McCormick bldg. But I always wake up too soon.

Anonymous said...

It will always be Baltidishu to me...RAK

Stu Tarlowe said...

I've gone back and forth today in my take on Baltimore's mayor. First, I heard her statement about how "we've given space to those who want to destroy". Then, I saw her on Fox News, and she and the police spokesmen and civic leaders seemed reasonable, and I bought her explanation that her remark had been misinterpreted; that she meant that those who wanted to destroy had inadvertently been given the opportunity to do so.

So I was feeling pretty sympathetic to her, until I heard Mark Levin play a clip of her thanking the Nation of Islam!! And I already knew that Malik Shabazz had met with "community activists" before the Baltimore riots began (just as he had in Ferguson).

So now I'm more inclined to think that the mayor is crying crocodile tears over the rioting and looting, or at least has "mixed feelings" about it.

poletax said...

In a couple-three thousand years,some aliens from some where are gonna explore what is left of the Earth.
At archaeologist digs they will be scratching their heads wondering why officials and other so called authorities let insects burn down their own neighborhoods and loot entire communities?
They will wonder why security forces could not defend themselves from personal attacks?
Where the aliens would use overwhelming counter strikes to quell attacks,all the humans were allowed to do was retreat.
Students of ancient history will be stunned by old news reels showing simian trash driving police back with rocks and bottles,while police have access to squad guns,chain cannon and Daisy Cutters.
Instead of seeing the bugs thru scoped weapons,the world watches thru the lens of the so-called journalists cameras.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I think what you're saying it that there are just too many lib-dicks to kill, so we're toast. Sigh.

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