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            Saturday, May 30, 2015


I bought Wish Bone Buffalo Blue Cheese dressing on closeout at the Giant a few months ago.  Turns out this is great stuff, although I've yet to use it on a salad. Great dabbed onto nachos, sammiches, or anything, really, where you want a to kick things up.  Problem is, since it was on closeout ... . But, Giant still carries the "Low Calorie" version.  Haven't tried it yet, but if it's not up to standard I'm sure I will find it at Food Lion, or somesuch.  Just a simple little pleasure in my life.

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            Buffalo Blue Cheese Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 5/30/2015 09:14:00 AM | PERMALINK Back Link (9) | Send This Post | HOME


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Most of the "salad dressing" I buy ("Green Goddess" is one of my faves) goes on sammiches or just poured over canned beans or peas or corn rather than green salads.
Try a good bleu cheese dressing or bleu cheese crumbles on a meatball sub. Heavenly.
Try Horseradish sauce on wings and sandwiches....low calorie, great taste!
In my house, blue cheese dressing is a beverage. What's all this talk about pouring it onto things?
My grandmother (the one who raised me) was born in the 19th century and remained suspicious of things made in bottles in factories. Insisted on growing and canning fruits and veggies, and until she and my grandfather finally moved into town, raised and slaughtered and butchered her own meat.

Lotta trading went on in those days. If you had good fruit trees, you'd trade pecks or bushels of 'em for meat or chicken or whatever you couldn't raise. But . . . I don't think a lot of recipe trading went on.

Now this woman had that natural skill of knowing what made stuff taste good. Back in the days of actual iceboxes, you couldn't keep stuff too long, so about once a week she'd make a batch of her "chili." Never once had a chili in it, and it was different each week, depending on what was in the icebox that needed eatin. And it always tasted G-R-R - 8.

Her salad dressing was about the same as the stuff in that bottle, a kind of yellowish/brownish. All I know for certain is that it had vinegar, honey, brown sugar, and raw egg in it. Best as I can remember, she always made it when nobody was lookin, 'cause none of her kids or grandkids ever got the mixture down pat. After my uncles (her sons) came home from WWII, they'd fight for the empty bowl so they could lick out the dregs.

Loved that stuff. She coulda been rich if she'd commercialized it, I bet. My wife, an equally great cook, tried to duplicate it right after Mom died, but never quite got it down. She just gave up and now goes with ranch on everything. Ranch sucks.
Amazon has it, $25 for a 6-pack of 16 oz bottles
Love dipping pizza in salad dressing. Best ones are Catalina and Ranch. drummermanrick
Catalina dressing on sliced roast beef sandwiches. Just saying...
Great story bocopro. My Dad's mother as well canned everything including meat.
You are the one who shared Walmart online shopping with us and I took advantage of that advice. They sell this dressing for $1.98, I just checked. Even though a Walmart is 20 miles from us, it is constantly missing items I went there for. Shop online and get what I want. And - the tax are charged by my zip code which is far less than 20 miles away. Win-win!
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