Monday, May 25, 2015


cinema à la carte                                 

I won't kid you; it's obvious why I might have been drawn to "CASHBACK."  Twice.  I like retail store movies.  Seriously.  I watched "Career Opportunities" several times back in the day, and really liked The Good Girl.   The supermarket scene in Animal House was a triumph. Even more srsly, someone recently recommended it to me, and when I pulled it up on Netflix I discovered I'd rated it with 4 stars and then forget about it.  I watched it again Saturday night. Now I give it 5 stars.  Yes, there are naked girls, but I swear, I found them no more prurient than walking through an art galley where nudes are displayed. I'd watch it during Lent.  This is a just a technically sound, subtly hilarious, and well executed film. All of you except for some will agree with me. You're welcome.


K-nine said...

I loved this movie. I worked in a grocery store much of my youth... Over 10 years.
They captured the boredom, hi jinks and management drama perfectly...
On top of that the boy/girl drama, the best friend dynamic...
5 Stars and an A+ to boot!

Kim du Toit said...

The football match is priceless.

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