Friday, May 08, 2015



Three of the best

There was a day, and not so long ago, when this would have motivated me into action.  Now I'm satisfied to let it roll around in my brain.  I can do that now.  Just like I can look at a 70-80 year old woman, peel away the years, and see her as she was at 20. Then I let that roll around in my head.


bocopro said...

Oh, roger that, Rodge.

THIS is a beautiful woman with character:

This is somebody's granddaughter with an attitude:

Esteve said...

The garage theater is awesome but the PVC project is more my speed. Thanks for the high output of late, Rodger.

Anonymous said...

If I arranged my long-handled garden tools like that, with empty space between them, they'd go around the garage three or four times.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like someone is short one hoe....


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