Saturday, May 02, 2015

excruciating horribleness


Say Rodge, I need to, you know, punish myself for all the bad thoughts I've had about what I want to do with O█████ and those other MFCS████ats.  Do you have something that will serve as penance but not leave visible scars?

Bob Babiarz, Chicago

Try The Winter War BobIt's three hours of excruciating  horribleness. Be the first person to watch it all and earn a plenary indulgence.

If you don't read the subtitles and just make dialog up in your head ... it's still bad.


Anonymous said...

Never mind "The Winter War" (which may be worth watching, if you have THREE HOURS to kill). The "Poo-Pourri" commercial that preceded it is classic!

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I was among the earliest Poo-Pourri buyers and that's why my s**t don't stink. BTW, if you ever bother to email me, I have a proposal for you.

Skoonj said...

It's a pity Winter War isn't a better film. It was an important event in history. The USSR invaded Finland, and the Finns held out for some time. The Soviet troops were poorly lead because of recent purges, but political commissars made them press forward despite getting machine gunned in huge numbers. Some Finn machine gunners even had a physical reaction to the carnage they were dishing out, and had to be relieved.

The Finnish Air Force ran up really awesome numbers of kills on Soviet aircraft. The Finns liked the US built Brewster F2A Buffalo, which was perhaps their most successful fighter. We used it a little too, with other results. A squadron, based on Midway, fought one battle during the battle of Midway. Not one Buffalo returned.

Wabano said...

The Buffalo had the best score in history due to tactics and a lightened airframe. The Finns
actually won WW II for us, as their northern victory gave Hitler funny ideas on the Soviets.

Had Adolf studied the winter war instead of following his wishful thinking, he would have seen
that if the Finns had won in the north, they actually lost very badly in the south of Finland,
in conditions similar to what prevailed on the Eastern Front.

When Hitler came to Finland to beg Mannerhein to join in the war, the Finn wisely refused,
knowing by experience that Stalin's hordes were unbeatable.

Anonymous said...

Which gave us the "White Death" PBUH


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