Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jingle all the way ...

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Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio is a true story of housewife Evelyn Ryan, adapted from a book written by the daughter.  A truly amazing women with 10 kids and a truly worthless husband who is  aptly portrayed by Woody Harrelson.  Evelyn uses her talents to win a large freezer, ice buckets, washer and dryer, trip to New York City, sleds, boots, pony, palm tree, window, sports car, shopping spree in her local grocery store, ice crushers, camera, dance shoes, boat motor, pogo sticks, case of dog food, and a lifetime supply of bird seed. 

I gave it 4 stars. Would have been 5,  but I spent so much time hoping that someone was going to kill the husband that it was distracting.


Greg in NC said...

Not to ruin the story for you, but...

Try watching the film again after realizing that the lesbian daughter wrote a biased story giving her father no credit for supporting a family of 12. The mom's gift for writing jingles and winning contests, was glorified for providing some luxuries. However, the dad's work was almost completely unmentioned despite putting the roof over their heads and food on the table. While the husband / father was undoubtedly a deeply flawed man, I am willing to bet the writing made him out to be worse than reality.

A clear example was his near catastrophic second mortgage so that he could buy a few nice things for the family. A bad decision probably made after the wife's hobby was providing things that his income could not afford.

Anonymous said...

You didn't ruin it for me. I wouldn't go see it anyway after watching the trailer. Agree 100% on your assessment.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but I've always had a visceral dislike for Harrelson. And I've always figured there was something perverse behind him getting his role on "Cheers". So there's zero chance of me paying money and sitting in a theater to watch this flick.

Caballero Andante

Wabano said...

Who wouldn't like to set Woody on fire?

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