Thursday, May 28, 2015

Those bastids!


What a  disturbing the development ...  I'm watching ESPN's  A Football Life_John Riggins that I recorded overnight.  Amazingly when I try to skip through the commercials like I always do it wouldn't do it !  Remember- this is recorded on my DVR, and once the commercial ends I can FF through the story. Have they figured out a way to keep people from skipping through commercials?  This has got to be Verizon allowing this.   What a revolting development. 

Voice dictation sent from my Ipad.

This afternoon I was able to FF the commercials.  Another Verizon FIOS anomaly I reckon. 


Anonymous said...

Thus the popularity of Netflix.

[BTW, have you tried House of Cards? Disturbing -- blatantly, on purpose, trying too hard disturbing -- but nonetheless disturbing portrait of what power-hunger does to people. and what power-hungry people do.]


Tom Mann said...

Verizon does it on their on demand programming.

ps - The last time I commented I had a hard time getting in. It asked me to identify the items that were food groups and included a picture of Guinness.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I watched the original (BBC) House of Cards e~C, and enjoyed it immensely. Tried this new one but, well it was like remaking a movie that was already a classic ...

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