Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Today's PETA Sammich

oy vey ole' in comments


Anonymous said...

Why did the names Boehner and Obama immediately come to mind? --
General Petty Officer Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug

Chris in NC said...

Oh my God the commenters on Gawker are freaking retarded.

poletax said...

I'll bet that monkey loves that guy.

Anonymous said...

Here is a zoo keeper who will verify this story.


CF in CO

pdwalker said...

Do *NOT* click on CF in CO's link.

Just don't. I mean it.

pdwalker said...

Mon Dieu CF, qu'est-ce que tu pense?

Cheesy said...

It's bad enough that unemployment is so high, but now they're giving reporters jobs to zookeepers?

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