Monday, June 15, 2015


cinema à la carte                                 

The CBS series Blue Bloods became so inculcated into our daily routine that we actually felt real loss when finished.  What could possibly replace it?  Nothing.  However, since we are likely the only two people on the planet to never watch a minute of 24 (Mo Sup said her work people thought her weird when she was unable to join the water cooler discussions),  we logged onto season one (streaming Amazon).  

And we are (tenuously) hooked. 

 Why tenuously? Last night we watched episodes six and seven.  Jack warns the hospital that date-raped and car struck Janet York is in danger. The girl, just out of life saving surgery, is in the ICU.  Her imposter father is allowed to visit her
unattended.   I said ICU (Intensive Care Unit), where her every breath and heart beat are telemetered. He promptly smothers her into a flat line with nary a warning beep.  And then he dawdles around, convincing Teri to go for a ride with him.

I said we're hooked, but that was only the most egregious of several poorly scripted 
Perils of Pauline momentsso farthat make me wonder.

And yes, this is the most important thing in my life this morning.

   It's Wednesday morning .  We have now watched thirteen hours.  That pretty much says it all.  Hooked.  At least on season one.

What wins here is that, like the serial films of my yoot (Flash Gordon, Captain Video and His Video Rangers, Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, Captain Midnight ....),  I am compelled to watch the next episode.  Or, more accurately, Mother Superior demanded it and I was very happy to go along.  There are great villains, and there is retribution.  I seem to remember people complain that there comes season when 24 goes flat, but then gets it back on track the following season.  We'll pick up on episode 14 tonight, and I shall hope to see Alberta have her hair pulled out by Nina.


USMC2841 said...

Glad to read the rash has cleared to a state where you can operate the remote.

Anonymous said...

We quit on 24 after the first season. The avoidable and totally unreasonable errors in the story line and situations in the scripts became laughable.

No, I can't list any now. Been too long.


Tom Mann said...

Glad you're on the heal

Anonymous said...

GOOD to see you here!!

Have ya'll tried Person of Interest?
[not on Netflix but dunno where else -- we did it by old fashioned DVD from the video store...]
It's fun like White Collar - with a different twist.

Leonard Jones said...

Big mistake taking a pass on 24. After hearing rave reviews by the leading
conservative talk show hosts, I bought season 1. To say I was hooked would
be an understatement. It is nonstop heart pounding action by a guy (Jack
Bauer) including torture, to save America from a terrorist attack.

I lent season 1 to a coworker. He told me that after (3) 1 hour episodes,
he was so drained that he had trouble getting off of the couch.

Skoonj said...

Person of Interest is my current favorite. They have been renewed for next season (their fifth), but only for 11 episodes. They might have to come back mid-season.

John Reese, played by Jim Caviezel, had an interesting reply to his bos, Finch, who asked him not to shoot so many people. "Guns don't kill people, Finch. I do." He's the only person who can give you an autographed photo of Jesus, who he played in The Passion of the Christ.

Anonymous said...

Missed ya!

Anonymous said...

I only made it to 12 and couldn't take it anymore. It'd be funny if they spent 3 hours just stuck in traffic....

poletax said...

Ya must feel better to use a word like 'inculcated'

Welcome back, Rog.

Juice said...

Whenever that show took a hiatus we moved on and didn't find a reason to return. Ah, well. If you are able to post, even with assistance, congrat's on doing better. Hope you continue to improve and hope neither of us never experience what you've been through. Feel better, now.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I look at my calender anymore and every day has a Dr. or Dentist appt. click-click.

Anonymous said...

It made your teeth itch??!?!



Juice said... calender anymore and every day has a Dr. or Dentist appt.

Been there, lol. Once we stopped the RV travel and settled, our calendar was booked with dates, none of them social! Doctor, eye Dr., surgeries. Fun, fun, fun. Glad you have the services necessary to carry on.

Esteve said...

I remember some background noise about 24 when it started but I wasn't watching much network TV in those days. I think I started on season 4 after dumping the satellite and yes, I was hooked. Have always intended to watch the ones I missed but still haven't managed to do it. I'm remotivated to give it a go. Welcome back, you have been missed.

Anonymous said...

A couple Series ( on Netflix ) which are worth your time and interest . The Squaw and I have found them quite good . French crime drama : " Spiral " . Gritty . Reality . Well crafted .

IN Spanish with good sub-titles . Sort of a version of Downton Abby being run by a Machiavellian Family.
Lots of humor , adventure , behind-the-scenes twists of fate tossed in the mix .

" The Assets " . About the American bastard at CIA who betrayed information and people ( to USSR ) in exchange for cash . Vile being brought down by two ladies working in concert at the Agency .

" Salamander " . European Version of the all the above .

Happy times ahead . Now get busy .

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