Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Batt Shit

Liberal Racism                          

Batts: More Baltimore cops likely to be arrested, forced out as result of reforms ...
More Baltimore police officers likely face arrest as the result of reforms in a department that requires "wholesale change," Commissioner Anthony W. Batts wrote

Batts, appointed commissioner nearly three years ago, said he inherited a department stuck in a "cycle of scandal, corruption and malfeasance" and that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake hired him to reform the agency and rebuild community relationships.
We know a Baltimore City Police sergeant  (who quit taking the  Lieutenant exam because he's white, ahem) who was prominently involved in the staged riots.  This video says everything anyone needs to know about Baltimore's "cycle of scandal, corruption, malfeasance, and incompetence"  Call it erstwhile Mayor Martin O'Malley's legacy.


Anonymous said...

They just elected that bimbo as the President of the National Mayors. She already held the position of secretary of the dnc.

Moving on Up


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by the mayor there.
She had her nose up Uhbama's ass from thirty five miles away.
And she's just as disgustingly racist as Uhbama, using the race card to advance her ambitions. Just watch; she'll have a position in the Regime before the year is out, then run for Congress on the Reparations ticket.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Stu Tarlowe said...

Seeing this photo, I can't help but be reminded of a story told by Barry Farber. ST

It's time once again for me to invoke that huge communist blunder in the early 1930s when the Soviet Union was just a teenager and the Depression was convincing a lot of folks worldwide that capitalism was entering its death-throes.

The Soviets got hold of an American newsreel showing police in Detroit beating workers picketing in front of a factory and throwing them into paddy wagons. A real propaganda coup, the communists thought. Here was an American newsreel showing American workers being beaten by police. The Soviets made hundreds of copies to be shown in every movie theater in the Soviet Union.

The film showed one time only in one Moscow theater and the communists then ordered the entire batch destroyed.

Why? The Russian movie-goers walking out of the theater were heard saying to each other, "Hey, did you see the shoes on those American workers the police were beating? They looked like real leather shoes. And they didn't need old newspapers to stuff over the holes in the bottoms like we do. Man, they were great shoes!"

The "poor, oppressed folks", "victims of abject poverty" rioting in the photo all seem to be wearing $100+ shoes, not to mention clean clothes (unsullied by physical labor, although some appear fashionably "distressed"). It's just something I couldn't help but notice. ST

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