Friday, June 05, 2015

Still Dickless



Gets asked immediately: 'Do you hate the cops?'


Ralph Gizzip said...

I call male bovine excrement.

KdT is the only true African American I know.

Anonymous said...

Enough of the Politically Correct Bull Shyte. Negroes born in the USA are Americans. The very same Negroes that have never been to Africa or been resident there but born Here are Americans, US Citizens. So lets stop the hyphenated Bull Shyte and bogus "Afrikan Kulture failed behavior, failed Social Experiment of Affirmative Action or Preferential Treatment for the 13% Minority of US Society that commits the Majority of Violent Crimes and represent the Majority of the US Prison Population, get Hired/Elected on Melatonin levels and basically have failed to accept responsibility for bad behavior and feel 'entitled' because some Liberal Morons that invested in the War on Poverty lost that War but cost the US Taxpayers Billions of $$$$$$$$$$$$ in perpetuating it. If they prefer to live in Liberal Ruled crap hole Cities like Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, St Louis or Philly or Baltimore or NYFC, they deserve the logical consequences of their choices. Murder and Mayhem does not just fall from the sky. Its a Lifestyle choice.

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