Friday, July 17, 2015

"back when the laws were all weird and religious"

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I ran across that Sinatra "back when the laws were all weird and religious" profile somewhere. 
Let's Extrapolate ...

Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg. They were executed in 1953 for the


Anonymous said...

I like it. We should get back to "all weird and patriotic".


Juice said...

Never cared for, nor saw the big deal over The Chairman of the Board (mafia). My man was always Dean Martin. Just say'n.

Wabano said...

Nancy Sinatra and Frank Cotroni, the N'Drangheta Mafia's Montreal chief...when the
Goodfellas fed each others to the pigs...(still do)
So classy...

Wabano said...

According to the uber-craptastic Ocean's 13, shaking hands with a Sinatra earns you eternal honour in wiseguy circles.

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