Saturday, July 04, 2015



secede said...

happy secession day!

the colonials had more freedom under british rule before the revolution than we have today under federal rule.

FishStyx said...

Happy July 4th to Mother Superior and His Majesty and the whole Barn Army!

Keep the faith brothers and sisters!
We are the "Remnant".
Live for the fight, not the parade.

Kim du Toit said...

Oh, great. Now the beach has been declared off-limits to the public because it's the "habitat of a protected species"...

I hope you're satisfied, Rodge. Now you won't be able to see sights like this:

Sunbathing (may not be SFW, but screw it, it's a public holiday; nobody should be at work anyway)

Helly said...

Tremendous hunters, even blind bald eagles can find their prey by sense of touch.

Happy 4th.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

And thank goodness they are protected; both of them a national treasure.

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