Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wheeler Spitfire

Repairing an old love ...    
Triumph Spitfire         

I forget what year Doug M's TR3 is, but thought about him throughout.  Another example of why Edd is my goto guy for car repair help.  If I still did car repairs.  The last one was rebuilding a 1981 small block Chevy  the Mrs. someone drove without oil or water.  Can't make hide nor hair out of these new things.   Here's part one of that Wheeler Dealer in case you're interested. 


DougM said...

Mine's a '74 TR-6, Rodge.
Just wanted to get that in up top, before I watch the episode.

Anonymous said...

The tall mechanic sits really high in the saddle, so much so, he is the roll bar for the seller guy. Does he get paid extra for that?
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

USMC2841 said...

Once had a friend who asked me if I knew anyone who worked on Triumphs. My reply, "Anyone who owns one". Great cars for anyone who wants a hands on vehicle.

JLW III said...

I just bought a 1953 Studebaker coupe which I will give the full Studillac treatment using a mid 2000's Cadillac CTS-V as a donor car.


Rip Tide said...

Bumper sticker on back of "vintage" local Morris Garage product : "All parts falling from this vehicle are of genuine British manufacture." The chains they revere....

DougM said...

Truer words never spoken.
Easy to work on, simple, cheap, plenty of parts suppliers, lots of support groups, plenty of cars still on the road, pleasure to drive (even 6'1" with 13EEE shoes, which won't work in most sports cars). Reliability is pretty dang good, actually … well, once you get 'em sorted out. Drove mine from NC to Seattle, LA, San Antonio and back a few years ago. No issues. For old Limeycars, reliability numbers usually include the spares you can carry times your ability to install them at the side of the road.
Yeah, our motto should be:
Every owner a mechanic. Every spouse a saint.
Cogito, ergo zoom.

Anonymous said...

As the previous owner of a Spitfire and several Jags, my 2 favorite jokes were (1) "Why do the Brits drink warm beer? Because they all own Lucas refidgerators". and (2) "Lucas Electronics is affectionately referred to as The Prince of Darkness in the UK".

Stu Tarlowe said...

I remember hoping to get a friend to help me work on my car.
I asked, "Do you have any kind of flair for mechanics?"
He replied, "No. Frankly, I've always preferred nurses."

Ole Phat Stu said...

Mine's a 30 year old Porsche 944 and its the little plastic pieces which have gone hard that are causing problems, not the metal bits :-(
The 944 had & still has good corrosion-proofing :-)

Leonard Jones said...

Back in the middle 70's I owned a 1969 Mk. 3 with a 4 speed
manual, a 1,300 cc 4 with dual SU side draught carbs, 2-1/2
turn lock to lock rack and pinion steering and independent
rear suspension. It was bright yellow with black interior, black
removable hard top and a black roll bar. It was one of the only
cars I truly loved to drive!

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