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Vexed is a British television series broadcast on BBC Two in 2010, and again in 2012 . It is conceived by Howard Overman and set in a London contemporary.

Toby Stephens is DI Jack Armstrong, and (first season) Lucy Punch is his partenr inspector DI Kate Bishop.  Jack is lazy and messy, but fascinating, while Kate is efficient and often exasperated by the behavior of Jack. (via Vexed serie televisiva).

We tend to watch detective/crime/spook series at dinner time.  How exactly I discovered  "Vexed" is a mystery, but we began watching last week.  We both had pretty much the same reaction after episode one. "WTF   was that?" We decided to watch at least one more.     

There are only nine episodes; three in season one, six in season two.  Here's my evaluation.

Somewhere into episode two I found myself waiting for Malory Archer to stroll in
martini in handbecause DI Jack Armstrong is Sterling Archer  brought to life. And, his partners (new one in season two) are Lana Kane. 

MoSup said she liked it because it was good to hear me laugh like that again.  So there's that. (she sniggered too.)



Anonymous said...

Season 2 episode 2 is one of the most politically incorrect shows I have ever seen on BritTv and is hilarious.
Since you like the Brit copper shows try Dalziel & Pascoe----excellent and last I looked streaming on Netflix. And if you can stand way over the top humor, try Little Britain.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

I've been through Little Britain twice. Dalziel is in my queue--thanks.

Anonymous said...

I also have to recommend New Tricks--start with the first episode--, Pie in the Sky, and Death in Paradise.


Kim du Toit said...

Watched the first episode of Vexed last night, and cried with laughter. I was watching it on my laptop with headphones (The Mrs. hates British TV shows -- "too slow-moving"), and eventually I was kicked out of the living room because of the laughter. (I have a big, booming laugh which unnerves people, for some reason.)
Also, I'm a huge fan of Lucy Punch, which helps.
So I'm going to ration myself -- no more than one episode a day -- so I can enjoy the thing over a longer period of time.
Thanks, Rodge. Good pick.

Scott said...

I watched the 1st episode last night after the spouse went to bed. I enjoyed everything about the show.

Anonymous said...

Hm? Sorry I was picturing Whore Island.


Kim du Toit said...

Okay, my final comment on Vexed. The last six episodes weren't as good as the first three, because Miranda Raison isn't the same/as good as Lucy Punch. That's not a knock on Raison -- she was excellent in Spooks, for example -- but Lucy Punch was really, really good as the foil to the excellent Toby Stephens; Raison less so.

So many of these Brit shows fall short because they change the winning cast too soon -- Waking The Dead fell into that trap as well. They need to stick with the characters (so that the audience can establish a relationship with them), but they seem unable to do that single, simple thing.

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