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Goodnight Chet ...


Washington, D.C. — Today, the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal), a 501 (c) (3) watchdog group, released an investigative report, Private Interests & Public Office: Coordination Between Governors, the Obama White House and the Tom Steyer-“Founded and Funded” Network of Advocacy Groups to Advance the “Climate” Agenda (and anappendix of source documents), revealing a vast, coordinated, three-track effort by public officials and private interests to promote EPA’s expansive, overreaching and economically devastating greenhouse gas rules, specifically the section 111(d) regulation to shut the nation’s fleet of existing coal-fired power plants, as well as the December Paris climate treaty President Obama is expected to sign to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

“Our report pulls the curtain back on a carefully planned and heavily funded ‘orchestration’ by individuals who have placed their personal interests ahead of the public interest,” said Chris Horner, E&E Legal’s Senior Legal Fellow and the report’s author.

The scheme took shape at a meeting in the White House in December 2013, after which the Obama administration launched coordinated with the “core group” of activist Democrat governors to design one of what we see are three tracks to promote the climate agenda
The report is the product of open records requests over the course of a year at the federal level and nearly 30 offices in over a dozen states. The exposé contains appendices with over a hundred pages of source emails and attachments. It details a campaign to use public offices, in very close collaboration with wealthy benefactors, to advance and defend President Obama’s climate change regulatory and treaty agenda. This quasi-governmental campaign involves more than a dozen governors’ offices, with a parallel advocacy network and political operation funded and staffed by activists paid through ideologically , economically and politically motivated donors.

The report released today points to emails obtained by E&E Legal’s campaign without litigation, but also in federal district court; others are the subject of oral arguments made last week in court in Richmond, Virginia, and a new suit just filed against the Governor of Kentucky. The latter complaint objects to a false “no records” claim — about records that this report proves do in fact exist, and even quotes from, but which are being kept from the public by a governor who claims to be appalled by EPA rules his office was quietly a “core group” promoter of for the past two years.

This report is timely given President Obama’s ongoing tour to promote the same EPA rules that these governors and “major environmental donors” scheme to promote in the correspondence released today. This includes a stop today at Harry Reid’s “clean energy economy” conference, curiously also sponsored by the same donors as those playing a leading role in today’s report.

Indeed these emails E&E Legal uncovered also show this campaign was developed with the early, active support and participation of the White House, which went beyond enthusiastically embracing the plan and follow up meetings and calls, to even directing the governors to what one green trade-press outlet calls a “shadowy group” affiliated with then-Chief of Staff John Podesta. The White House’s followup actions , as one governor’s aide praised them, were “moving dials”. Podesta also convinced the governors’ offices that their plan should be broken into separate, complementary pillars. The latest email obtained, from May of this year, shows the governors’ campaign arranging to coordinate with the State Department.

The scheme took shape at a meeting in the White House in December 2013, after which the Obama administration launched coordinated with the “core group” of activist Democrat governors to design one of what we see are three tracks to promote the climate agenda. One was run by the Steyer network and left-wing foundations. Another is run by governors with green groups, which are “useful” but whose “standard NGO shaming strategy might not deliver”. A third, run by the White House includes, in the words of a senior aide, “a few other tracks with private sector and unusual allies”.

Nearly every aspect of this effort, from the key early players to the funders and even the director the governors’ campaign hired — housed by some state’s taxpayers in the Hall of States in Washington, DC, overhead paid for by as-yet unknown means — has direct ties to a scandal involving “clean energy” donors and conflicts of interest, one which felled Oregon’s sitting governor earlier this year.

In what is possibly the most intriguing element, seemingly out of an episode of “House of Cards”, Democratic governors’ aides repeatedly reference a plan of “creative engagement” to “compel” certain electric utilities — those subject to their jurisdiction whose businesses cross lines into states led by Republicans — to bring “red state” governors around to support the EPA rules: “[B]ecause there are key utilities whose service territories cross red and blue states Governors in these states could quietly engineer a breakthrough strategy that compels utilities in key red states to lead the charge to win over a key Governor, rather than rely on a standard NGO-shaming strategy that might not deliver.”

The “core group” of governors also coordinated with Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer and his managing partner, Ted White, who directed them to “affiliated groups that we founded and fund (such as NextGen Climate Action, or Next Generation, or AEE [Advanced Energy Economy]” . Those groups in turn underwrote consultants and activists to hand-hold governors through implementing the Obama EPA’s rules, keeping them from the clutches of the “just say no” states.

This core group soon expanded to more than a dozen states, coast-to- coast, embracing a four-point plan which they soon called the Governor’s Climate Compact or GCC, which was ultimately rebranded as the Governors’ Climate Accord or GCA and now goes by the name of the Governors Clean Energy Initiative (none of which have any internet footprint whatsoever, and begging the question who is indeed paying for its director and other overhead). The emails do reflect an awareness that the agenda’s lack of popularity in the “flyover states” necessitated a flexible timeline and keeping some offices’ involvement quiet, specifically citing elections as a concern.

“This is the 5th transparency report in a series that E&E Legal has published on the ‘green movement’ and its network of public, private, and business interests, and what is clear is that 1%-ers are using ‘climate’ policies to destroy politically disfavored industries in order to transfer wealth to the politically preferred,” said Craig Richardson, E&E Legal Executive Director. “The campaign by self-serving individuals must be made known to the public as policymakers consider this plan that will destroy parts of our economy and ruin the most efficient, affordable, and clean energy system ever created.” [WATTS Full  Megillah]

Bear with me here.  That story documenting more Climate Change fraud is almost hum-drum for us who monitor the green turds climate activists litter the landscape with.  For some mysterious reason, the first parallel that came to mind this morning was Bobby Baker, because this is symptomatic of real cancer.

In August 1963 when Bobby Baker, the Secretary to the Majority Leader of the Senate and a protégé of Johnson's, came under investigation by the Senate Rules Committee for allegations of bribery and financial malfeasance. One witness alleged that Baker had arranged for the witness to give kickbacks for the [then] Vice President. Baker resigned in October, and the investigation did not expand to Johnson. (Compare to Spiro Agnew's experience)

If you lived through the LBJ era, and especially if you've read Robert Caro's magnificent four volume LBJ biography, you know that he's the third most corrupt president in our history (or thereabouts).  The Bobby Baker scandal was nightly news fodder for what seemed like forever back then.  It bored me silly, and I didn't look into the particulars.  All I knew was that, like IKE's Chief of Staff's Vicuna Coat, that cost him his job, the smallest impropriety could topple the powerful (I had yet to read Caro).  It's what we all expected.

So today we have
what?  The, 4th? or 10th? revelation of major fraud by radicals intent on foisting new taxes and controls on energy, and in the process gain control over our every movement?   We have a government, this government, that even by LBJ standards is so over the top corrupt that we, who once watched black and white televised, 15 minute long  nightly news, are in shock.  It's useless to compare how Huntley-Brinkley might have reported on things Obama back then, because Obama could neverever have been nominated with his nebulous backgroundeven of he was Irish Catholic!  So, that's the journey I've taken.  Hell, it's the journey taken by every American since 1776, up until 1992ish. You are what you eat.

As for me, I will find some comfort in these words from Thomas Jefferson, as I interpret them, and realize how fortunate a life I've had.

"Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right."  If this means that the populace are reduced to being hedonistic twats, so be it.  They have the right to go fuck themselves.

Goodnight America.  Unless ... .


Jon said...

Reminded me of this song from long ago.


Anonymous said...

Tom Steyer, (C*-Kalifornia)
He's the prick who bought the last Virginia governor's election by financing a purported Libertarian nebish named Sarvis, whose main campaign plank was that if he were elected, Virginia would have its first black First Lady. Sarvis is white. I don't know how he identifies, however. Egotist,probably.

The result was Sarvis pulled 6%, and the conservative Republican Cuccinelli lost by 3% to Clinton crony and chief fundraiser Terry McAuliffe, a New Jersian come-here invader. McAuliffe won with a plurality, and now he's doing his damnedest to shut down Virginia coal mining and power plants and prep the battlefield for Hillary.
A conspiracy - you betcha!!
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Helly said...

Goodnight America

Good morning, Rodger!

Just the other day I met a woman on the beach with 2 young children, and told her I was glad to see them. She is from Croatia and was afraid to let her kids in the Gulf lest they be eaten by sharks. I told her all those problems are over on the other side in the Atlantic. Which is a little bit of a lie, but a good natured lie. Kids need to swim, and there are far more dangerous Democrats lurking over the bridge.

Anyway, I mentioned the average age on this island is 70 y/o. This means for every kid under 10, we have 3 residents over 90. So like you, all of the neighbors are up there. Curiously, I have noticed it is never Church Ladies, but rather the Gentlemen who rave constantly about the End Times. You would fit right in, but I'm trying to account for the gender-asymmetrical pessimism. Of course most of the women are widowed, so there's that.

Life on Longboat.

Rodger the Real King of France said...


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