Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jeb Cantor = Eric Bush

Something WTF

Jeb Bush hires noted GOP base favorite Eric Cantor .  Huh?

Jeb Bush to hire noted GOP base favorite Eric Cantor

This makes a ton of sense in Bizarro!America, where Eric Cantor is a champion of conservative values and lost his Congressional seat to a man funded by the Establishment to get rid of his brand of conservatism. [RED STATE]
Eric Cantor. Champion of conservative values

Bizarro!America indeed.  I thought this lede by Joe Cunningham on Red State was the start of some scathing satire.  But I was very wrong.  Joe Cunningham on Red State was serious.  Gee, I think I'm somewhat conservative, and I celebrated  Cantor's loss in the 2014 election primary ("Never before has a House majority leader (Eric Cantor) been defeated in a primary."
In the past I have written about him ..

Brietbart hates him.  Coulter hates him.  Like I said, Bizarro.  Now, it's true that Red State honcho Erick Erickson, whom I find 97.2% copacetic, wasn't the author; but puh-leeze.  Like mom said, you are who you hang with.

PS.  Bush and Cantor do belong together however.

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Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense, it's typical rino republican strategery.....pick a freaking loser. Let's hope their record stays consistent.


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